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Sprouting Trays



______________ Sprouts ______________

Growing your own sprouts is easy and fun to do at home, it’s economical and requires little time or equipment. There are a few different methods of growing your own sprouts and lots of information and instructions are available online. You can also buy sprouting jars from your local health food store.

Sprouted seeds, grains, nuts and beans are living foods and contain incredible nutritional value, extraordinary high levels of high quality protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Through the process of soaking, the enzyme inhibitors are removed and germination can occur. This improves digestion, increases the life force and vitality in the food and adds nutritional value.

Some examples of the benefits of sprouts:

Alfalfa – High in antioxidants, one of the most commonly known sprouts, crisp and sweet
Broccoli – the sprouts are known to have anti-carcinogenic properties
Chickpeas – Sprouted chickpeas make a delicious hummes and are richer in nutrients then cooked chickpeas
Fenugreek – a traditional herb for colds and flu, large and vigorous with a distinctive flavour
Lentils – are high in protein, delicious added to salads and soups
Red Clover – strong antioxidant properties and contains phytooestrogens
Sunflower – healthy and tasty, a great addition to any salad


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