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____________ Living Food ____________

Living foods (also described as raw foods) are rich in chlorophyll and enzymes. They are raw plant foods that contain the most nutrition such as sprouted seeds, fresh juices, fruit, vegetables, herbs. Living foods are naturally packed with oxygen and antioxidants and help the overloaded system to recover. 80% raw and 20% cooked is considered an ideal balance to aim for but you will feel incredible improvements even with 50% raw food. You must find the right balance for yourself and not be stressed about percentages!

____________ Food For Life ____________

I really believe that eating a diet high in raw or ‘living’ foods is the best way to stay healthy and strengthen your immune system. I find that when you eat living foods you have so much more energy, clarity and focus – and you feel happier in yourself!

When I draw up treatment plans for my naturopathy patients I use a combination of principles of food combining, blood type diet, acid-alkaline balance and living foods. I feel this is the best way to eat for myself and my patients notice a dramatic improvement in their health and well being. Not over eating is also important as is regular exercise to help circulation and enhance your mood.

Many of us know that sugar, caffeine, processed foods and saturated fats are bad for us and some of us need to moderate other ingredients – gluten, dairy, potatoes – in order to feel our best. But it can be difficult. One way to help with this is to increase your consumption of living foods – raw vegetables and fruit, juices, smoothies and sprouts. You will find this actually helps you naturally to start avoiding the foods that aren’t so good for you. Recipes are available on this website and in my cookbook.

To help you get started, visit the sections on keeping a food diary, living foods, and eating organic.


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