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Coltsfoot Leaves



_______________ Herbs _______________

I use herbs that grow wild and herbs that grow in the garden in my recipes. I believe it is important to be connected to nature and I use herbs throughout the year. When you understand how beneficial herbs are you can take responsibility for your own health. Coltsfoot harvested from the wild and thyme from the garden can be used to treat a cough. Lemon balm is for the mood and energy, elder for the immune system (both berries and flowers, use them however you like - as a herbal tea or a cordial), chamomile, peppermint or fennel for digestion. (You must be sure of what you are picking and stay away from road-side locations where the herbs are more likely to be polluted.) Herbs have many properties and these are only a few examples.

My interest and love of herbs led me to train to become a herbalist. This, combined with my medical background as a qualified nurse, meant that I felt confident treating my children with herbal remedies. Nowadays I treat patients in my naturopathy clinic with herbs in the form of teas, tinctures, syrups, oils and powders.


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