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________________ Eating Organic _____________

Eating local and organic produce connects us to the local community and our environment.

“Food is Life” as Dennis Cotter says in his book “Wild Garlic, gooseberries and me…”

We eat to refuel our body and for pleasure and I believe locally grown, fresh organic food is the most nutritious food you can eat. Delay from harvest to dinner table reduces vitamins and minerals, turns sugars to starches, shrinks plant cells and the produce looses vitality.

Growing, buying and eating organic ensures that your food does not contain potentially harmful chemicals. Imported fruit and vegetables are often treated with chemical sprays to keep them looking fresh. We have grown some of our food for many years and we do it organically to build and maintain soil fertility.

Local organic food also preserves genetic diversity and many organic farmers grow a huge number of varieties to provide a long season of harvest and the best produce for storage and excellent flavours. Organic farmers are often small, independent businesses and their method of farming is environmentally friendly and reduces our carbon footprint. Local certified organic food is GMO-free.

Last but not least I believe organically grown vegetables, herbs and fruit taste much better and you can eat them straight from the garden or the market stall.


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