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At all of my cooking workshops people asked me ‘where can we find your recipes, have you got a cookbook?!’. Finally in 2008 I put together my first cookbook 'Neantóg Cookbook – Gaby’s Favourite Recipes'. It sold out in the first year and is now in its fifth edition, reprinted with revisions and special inserts and available through this website.

I'm currently working on my next cookbook – watch this space!

'Neantog – Gaby’s Favourite Recipes' offers a selection of my favourite recipes for soups, salads, main courses and side dishes, ideas for breakfast, drinks, juices, baking and desserts. It includes some recipes that are gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and vegan.

You can buy the cookbook directly from Gaby's online shop.

Below is a sample recipe and the cook-book table of contents, Happy Cooking! More sample recipes in this section...

Ruby Red Soup [page 15]

Spinach Bake with New Potatoes [page 24]

Mineral Cake [page 43]




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